5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

So many ways abound to monetize your blog, but, some bloggers get discouraged at the beginning when the expected income level is not achieved. It is important to know the exact income generating avenue that will suit your blog. The quality of technique and time spent to promote your blog also affects the level of profit made through your monetization efforts. For every business the golden rule of sowing and reaping, planting and harvesting applies.There are different seasons in business, there is the season to invest, then the season to groom and monitor your investment, and this now finally ends with the season to harvest abundantly.

This is like every money-making venture, monetizing your blog, will have to go through these phases and seasons highlighted above. Therefore, patience coupled with hard work is required in the process to invest, monitor and groom your investment till the time of harvest is ripe. The time to earn lots of income from your monetization efforts will come, so patiently wait and continue the hard work consistently. Here are some of the ways to monetize your blog:

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  1. Pay per Click Advert

Google AdSense is a perfect example of the pay per click advert system. These are ads that you can place on your blogs after registering with the advert company. With the example of Google AdSense, an account is created with a valid Google email. Once the account is set up advert codes are given to you for placement on your blog.

You are expected to place these ads in conspicuous spots on your blog, especially just before and after a post. This will make visitors click on these ads images or links easily to generate income. A user click can generate as high as one dollar, or as low as few cents based on the monetary worth of that piece of advert. Other examples of this type of adverts are BidVertiser and Clicksor.

  1. Cost per Mile Adverts

While Pay per Click (PPC) ads pays you for every click of the user on the ads, Cost per Mile (CPM) adverts pays you for the number of times your page is viewed (that is Impressions). This system of advert does not depend on the click of users, rather it depends on the number of impression – the number of times a page is viewed. There are many advert companies with this type of advert placement, so go for the one that offers the highest price per impression. The position and size of your ads your place determines its impression.

So, as a general rule with this system – place these ads at the beginning of your page. Making it as broad as possible, most bloggers use these types of ads as banner ads for their blogs, and that is where it serves the best purpose. So, if you receive 1,000,000 views a month, then your income will be $1000 for a CPM of $1. So the more views your blog receives, the more money you will make.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate marketing programs provides one of the best ways to monetize your blog if used appropriately. This has to do with you registering with an affiliate program and with your affiliate link promote the products that are relevant to your blog content. When a visitor from your blog clicks on either a text or image link from your blog, he/she is taken to the product destination, if a purchase is made, then you will be given commission based on the agreement.

These commissions can range from 10 percent to even 30 percent based on what the manufacturer of the product has to offer. This is a assured way of making money with your blog, you are the one in control of the market and cannot be affected by unforeseen circumstances. This is just as if you are retailer selling the goods of a manufacturer on your online store. It is important to make sure the products you promote are in line with your blog’s niche. Good examples of affiliate programs to can register with are, AffiliateWindow, ClickBank, Skimlinks, and ShareASale.

  1. Create and Monetize Video Tutorials

You can create your own digital product to monetize on your blog. A good example will be to carefully develop a series on video training that is in relation to your niche and monetize it. All the knowledge you have gathered through your experiences as a blogger can be combined with a thorough research to develop video lessons that will help out your audience. This tutorial can be sold online within your blog or outside to generate income.  The good news is that with a lot of traffic coming in to your blog, sales of your video tutorial lessons will increase. Sales promotion can be extended online to other platforms like Amazon, Clickbank and others.


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  1. Write and Sell your EBook

Since writing comes very easy to bloggers, then writing your own eBook will not be a problem whatsoever. You can write about what you are passionate about, something you can extensively research on, adding your years of experience to it as well. It could also be based on an in depth discovery along the path of your blog niche. Research and Write your eBook and then commercialize it by way of Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and eReaders. You can also promote your eBook sales through your own blog.