In the recent times, blogging has become a lucrative business that is yielding millions of dollars. Most bloggers are making a steady income from blogging through various ways. However, before earning from blogging, you must, first of all, create a blog and post only useful contents on it.

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You can either host your blog on or After creating your blog, the next thing will be to post useful and essential contents that would attract readers to the blog.  You can choose to focus your blog on a particular niche or a demographic and develop valuable contents in relations to your target audience. Also, try to write good contents that would change and impact the lives of people. After successfully building your blog, you will have to look at various ways through which you can earn from it.


There are different ways through which a blogger can make money online, and they include

  • STEP ONE: Through Advertising income

When you write useful contents that attract readers,  your blog grows, and your traffic increases. Advertisers are always interested in posting adverts on a blog with high traffic to reach their target market, and this is one way through which you can earn good money.  Also, other ad networks such as Google Adsense, act as middlemen between a blog and small publishers who are interested in placing their advert on your blog.

  • STEP TWO: Through Affiliate Income

Another way through which bloggers can earn online is through Affiliate income. Affiliate marketing involves linking a product available on other sites like Amazon or Walmart to your blog. When a buyer follows the link and buys the product; you earn a commission. Setting up an account on any affiliate program is very easy too.

  • STEP THREE: Through hosting of bloggers conference or workshop

Most bloggers now earn money by hosting bloggers conferences and workshops for people who are interested in growing a new blog but do not know how to go about this. These people are told to pay a particular amount as registration fee, and this could be a source of income for the blogger.  You can also make money by finding donors to sponsor such conferences and workshops.

  • STEP 4: Through membership programs

Another way through which bloggers earn money online is through membership programs. Usually, blog visitors are told to upgrade to a premium account in other to access some private content, services or forums.

  • STEP 5: Sales of Virtual and physical products

Bloggers can also earn money through sales of virtual products such as ebook, online courses, software or reports. Some people even sell physical products such as T-shirts and others.

In conclusion, blogging is becoming a lucrative business, and there are various ways through which bloggers can make money. If you are interested in creating a new blog and do not know how to go about it, we are here to help out.

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