10 Amazing Tips For Writing Engaging Post


There are many blogs out there on internet, so what will make someone hooked to your site? The answer is simple, write engaging posts. Here are tips to make your blogs stand out.

Go For A Catchy Title

Think of a title that the audience can’t resist. Always think of a title before starting to write. Title gives a streamlined flow to the blog. Most of the bloggers write the title at last, and so their posts go in multiple direction.

Keep Them Hooked Right From Line 1

This is like the hardest part to do. Because you should be able to keep reader interested in your post, and also give away the idea about the post. For this, you can start with intriguing questions, a well-mentioned quote, statistical information, or simply start with a story. Do whatever you can, but keep your reader hooked to your post.

Make It Easy To Scan

Make your article presentable and easy to scan. Online readers don’t have much time, they just scan and go. They will only stop if they find something worthwhile to read about. Therefore, go for as much as headings as you can. Use bold, italics, and all other formats to make your blog worth seeing.

Cover The Topic

Never leave the topic unfinished. If you are writing about something, then cover it all. For example, if your article is about ‘how to learn horse riding’, that means people want to know about the riding part. But they might also have questions like when, where, and what apparels, etc. So anticipate these questions too, and answer them. If you feel the post is getting too lengthy, then publish it in series. But do not forget to interlink them.

Start Well & End Well

Starting and ending is equally important. Give a strong start to your post in the first paragraph itself with keywords. It is always said that keywords at the top of the blog has more weightage then the rest of the post. No one knows it for sure, but why to risk it. Simply throw one keyword at top and let the search engine do the rest.

Similarly ending well is also important. Think about your last paragraph or last line, as this is the chance when you ask your readers to take some action. Whether you want them to sign up for your mails, leave a comment, or read another post; this is the right time to guide them. This is called ‘call to action’.

Don’t Go For Long Paragraphs

Consider yourself as a reader, and think if you want to read a long, never lasting paragraph. No one likes it. So keep your writings short and crisp. Skip the information that others do. If your article is about tips, then no one is going to read about the long introduction you have wrote. They will directly skip matters to point one. Today’s era is about time management, no one has got time to read all of the stuff. So give them want they want, and get quickly to the point.


Write Enough, Not More

Online content is about crisp and up to the point content. There is no place for fillers. So write blogs long enough to express your thoughts and not more.

Link And Interlink

Internal links means the links to other posts on your site. Linking internally helps in increasing you page views by keeping your readers hooked by clicking on inks. Pageviews are important when you talk about monetization. It is also good for the site’s SEO, as it gives search engine a good picture of what you are offering.

While linking do it with a good anchor link. Initially bloggers use to use link with “click here” written, but with time anchor link has come forward, as with this you cast a positive vote for your page. However, do not overdo with the anchor links. Right for your readers, go naturally, and use anchor links only where it makes sense.

Interact With Readers

If you have a comment section, then interact and engage with your readers. You won’t be able to reply to each and every comment but try doing it as much as you can. Readers love when you interact with them. If you don’t have time for interaction, then simply keep the comments section closed.


Promotion Is Necessary

Make a schedule for the promoting activity. This step is important for gaining traffic to your blogs. Share your post across social media network. In fact, if you ask me, I’ll tell you to invest more time in promotion than creation.

Last but not the least, keep design of your blog in mind. A bad designed blog is like throwing water over your great content. So use good designs, and make them reader-friendly.

All these tips do work, but there is no hard rule to follow these. It is totally upon you. You can either choose to follow or mix and match with some of your own set of rules. Choice is always going to be yours. The only important part is to keep writing informative, unique, and engaging posts.