Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in

Blogging is a way of sharing your thoughts and information with others. Individuals have been logging for the in India for the past 10 to 15 years. With the introduction of WordPress blogging has become even more simple. All you need is writing skills, information, and desire to show the world that you have got something special.

Once you start blogging it become an important part of your life. Most of the individuals had a misconception that everything done on the internet is a waste of time including blogging. However, they do not yet know that there are famous Indian bloggers that are earning more than doctors and engineers that are known as the most prized professions in our society. If you do not believe me here I have the list of top 7 Indian bloggers in 2017.

1-Amit Agrawal

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

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He is the most famous and the first Indian professional blogger in our list of Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017. His work and success is an inspiration for many other bloggers. He has an engineering degree in computer science and he worked for several companies before becoming a full-time blogger.


He has developed two famous platforms Digital Inspiration and His estimated earning $60,000. Every month there are millions of views on his blog. He takes his work very seriously and assures to provide his viewers with the best information regarding technology. His blog Digital Inspiration is among the top 100 blogs in the world and it is his biggest achievement.

2-Harsh Agrawal

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

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Number second in Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017 is Mr. Harsh Agrawal. He is famous for his blog ShoutMeLoud. He started his journey in 2008 with SML and soon it became one of the most popular blogs in India. He shares information about he a person can start blogging, WordPress, how you can earn from blogging and how to manage your blog. In order to cover more technological area he developed a property that now shares content related to

Affiliate programs are the main source of his income. His estimated income is $52,434. There are more than 1 million subscribers on his blog.

3-Faisal Farooqui

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

Image Source: Internet/Wikipedia was developed by Faisal Farooqui. Most of the people do not consider it as a blog, however, still, he is one of the most famous Indian entrepreneurs and bloggers. is a service web portal and consumer research center where viewers can easily gather information that they want regarding their services. The best thing about Faisal is that even a page on Wikipedia has been written on him. By providing his followers the best services and information Faisal has been able to make $50,000. He got his education from the USA and that is why he often travels between India and USA.

4-Shradha Sharma

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You will be amazed to know that among many famous bloggers Shradha is the only female that has been enlisted Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017. is the globally recognized site that is managed by Shradha. She started her journey with the website in 2008 and now it has become the leading website that shares important information, tips and goals for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders
  • Leader

The biggest attraction of her website is that it is not about sharing clear information, it is all about the stories, challenges, and hardships that different people faced in order to be successful. The estimated amount she earns through the blog is $30,000 and there are more than 15000 entrepreneurs that have shared their stories on her blog.

5-Varun Krishnan

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

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FoneArena is one of the most famous Indian blogs that is managed by Varun. He has been sharing information related to the latest technology and gadgets that have been introduced in the market. He makes an estimated income of $22,000. The biggest attraction of his platform is that all the information you will find is authentic and trustworthy. Most of the viewers say that when they have to buy any kind of device they visit FoneArena to know that how that particular device will perform.

6-Srinivas Tamada

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

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You might have come across many bloggers that write about technology and other related information. However, there are only a few that have the capabilities of writing about programming and everything related to website development because it is a very tough topic. is one of the famous Indian blogs by Srinivas in which you can get all the information related to

  • Programming
  • Ajax
  • PHP
  • Other web design aspects

His estimated income is $20,000 and it seems like his popularity is rapidly growing which might make him the top-earning blogger in India.

7-Ashish Sinha

Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017

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Ashish has been working for many big brand like IBM and Yahoo for many years. however, in 2007 he decided to start blogging and his first platform was Pluggd. He left his job to focus completely on the blogging career and to assure that he will generate a decent revenue by sharing his knowledge with others. Recently, he has re-branded his blog with the name His estimated income is $18,000. Most of the information that you will find on his platform is related to start-ups, technology and entrepreneurship. He shares important tips and goals.

Bottom Line

These were the Top 7 Indian Bloggers in 2017 in our list. Just like any other profession blogging required proper time, concentration and dedication. It is important that you select a topic for blogging that you are really interested in. Develop your own platform or you can also work with sites like WordPress.

Make sure that you provide your viewers with the content that can help them in their daily lives. Blogging will not make you rich overnight. You will have to spend proper time looking for innovational and unique content. One of the most important things to consider is your consistency. You have to assure that you maintain a schedule and post your content on the given schedule so that your viewers will make a habit of visiting your platform at the given time. Pay attention to what your viewers want and assure that you deliver them with easy to understand the content.

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