Top 7 Bloggers in 2017

Top 7 Bloggers in 2017-

A blogger is someone who writes content for a blog. As the world is changing day by day to a more digital place and with better technology, more and more people are turning to this career.  Blogging helps bloggers to interact with the world through expressing themselves about various fields.  Most bloggers do it for passion, as a hobby, as a business or to help promote business. Various bloggers will always vary on how they carry out their online activities and thus differ in the income they get as well. Blogging is usually well paying for experienced bloggers and thus very interesting to always find out the figures a blogger makes.  What is even more interesting is finding out a blog’s statistical records. Analyzed data from well-performing blogs is a great motivation to people aspiring to become bloggers.   Below are the most earning top 7 bloggers in 2017.

1. Arianna Huffington

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This is one of the topmost bloggers.  Her blog and website is known as Huffington Post. This is a website and blog that is based in America. It focuses on both local and international news as well as opinion editions. The post was established in 2005 and launched on May 9 the same year.  The Huffington post also known as Huffpo was founded by a group of people who included Kenneth Lerer, Arianna Huffington, Andrew Breitbart, and Jonah Peretti. In 2012, the Huffington Post was acquired by AOL, making Arianna Huffington editor-in-chief of the group.

Arianna Huffington earns from clicks. She gets paid for every click on her website and blog. She is the top-earning blogger with a monthly income of $2.33 million.  Her website is visited roughly by 110 million visitors per month.

The official page on this link is

2. Harvey Levin

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Harvey Levin is the managing editor of a blog and website known as TMZ. Harvey Levin focuses on celebrity news on his website which was launched on November 8th 2015.  TMZ is an abbreviation for Thirty Mile Zone. New York Times recognized Harvey Levin as one of the well-established bloggers. Harvey Levin roughly makes $2 million per month from the TMZ website.  He also gets Approximately 30 million visitors on this site every month. is the official page of TMZ.


3. Axel Springer

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Axel Springer owns an American website known as the Business Insider.  This Website deals with international editions in several countries such as UK, Australia, China, Germany, France, India, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nordic, Singapore, and Poland.  Axel Springer receives approximately 25.5 million visitors every month on the Business Insider blog.

Axel Springer’s official website page is

4. Pete Cashmore

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Pete Cashmore is the owner of a popular website known as The Mashable. You can check out his official website page on the following link  Pete Cashmore’s website, The Mashable is one of the top leading websites that provide news, information, and resources across the world.

Cashmore was only 19 years old when he created this website in the year 2005 in Scotland.  In 2009, the Times ranked Pete Cashmore as one of the top 25 bloggers of that year.

Every month, Pete Cashmore gets approximately 24 million visitors on The Mashable website.  He makes money online from advertising banners.  Pete earns about $600,000 per month. His website has a global rank of 1,986 and a rank of 731 in the United States. It has also been given a category rank of 296 in news and media.  According to the statics, 5.82% of the total traffic on his website is from mere referrals.  The traffic caused from search is about 46.91% of the total traffic. 23.25% of this traffic is from social.


5. Mario Lavandeira

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He is an American blogger of a blog popularly known as Perez Hilton. He is also a tv character and an author. Mario’s blog is popular for its top gossip about celebrities and tabloid photograph.

Mario Lavandeira earns money from his blog by advertising banners. He earns approximately $450,000 every month

The link to his blog is


6. Vitaly Friedman

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Vitaly is the owner of a website and eBook publisher known as Smashing Magazine. His website is highly popular for its content and resources on how to develop websites and also web designers. This website is very active and a platform for people to find jobs as well.

Vitaly Friedman earns approximately $190,000 every month from the Smashing Magazine.  His website mostly makes money through advertising banners and receives approximately 3 million viewers every month. He also has a high influence on social media where he has more than 1 million worldwide followers on Twitter.

The link to check out his website is


7. Pat Flynn

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Pat Flynn is making remarkable money online passively.   He is famous for his blog SmartPassiveIncome. He has been giving tips on his website on how to make money passively. He explains that the whole idea came from a website he created in 2008 to help him do well in his architecture exams. This website was visited by many, and he noticed that he was making money from it.

He earns approximately $153,000 every month. Most of this money comes from affiliate commissions.

The link to this blog is,

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