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The subject of web hosting can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you just started blogging or a beginner webmaster. Well don’t fret; web hosting is just a service that enables you to buy your space on the internet. The various web hosting companies have servers that hold the data you upload. Your data and files can then be viewed by anyone who visits your site. You also decide which files you want to be available to the public and those remain private.


When choosing a web hosting provider, you have to decide whether you want to use free hosting or paid hosting. Free hosting means you don’t pay for the hosting, it is good only if you are on an extremely limited budget and you don’t expect the site to get too much traffic.

With paid hosting, you get more services and features, this means you can have more visitors. Additionally, you also have more freedom as regards your content and you can choose to monetize your site to generate income.

The prices of paid hosting varies great from one provider to another and depending on what type of hosting you want. You can choose to get a dedicated server, this means that you will have your own IP address and all services are dedicated to you and your site. If you choose the cheaper option of using a shared server, you get to share your IP with other people.

Getting the best hosting service is essential if you don’t wish to experience downtime and crashes on your blog. We’ve compiled a list of five hosting companies that stand out in 2017.



HostGator has been in the web business for up to 15 years. In this period of time amassed customers and a good reputation, consequently, their hosting services are one of the best out there today. HostGator gives unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth to new customers, lots of easy to install add-ons and a guarantee of uptime. Although a bit pricey, their hosting service delivers fast and effective website load times. Their customer support team is superb and well informed.

Top Web Hosting Companies-



HostGator offers both Linux and Windows web hosting via various tiered plans. HostGator also has a cloud hosting service and a WordPress hosting platform. The HostGator platform however, does not have the innovation nor unique developer tools that would be expected of a company with its reputation.



  • Widely popular brand name
  • Variety of tiered plans
  • Offers hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms
  • Great customer support
  • Excellent WordPress performance


  • Expensive and misleading prices
  • No additional support for CMS platforms


2. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion is the best choice for startups and enterprises looking at leveraging a really fast hosting service. Inmotion hosting offers optimized hosting services and competitive pricing. They are endorsed by many review websites.



  • High Performance web hosting service, you get plans suitable for your business.
  • You get more storage space compared to other hosting companies
  • Free backup and restore tools for your website
  • Excellent customer service



  • Occasional hardware upgrades and maintenance
  • No anonymity; sign-up has to be manually verified by via phone

3. Web Hosting Hub

This company’s popularity stems from their affordable and reliable platform that caters to the needs of developers. Web Hosting Hub is a wise choice for small business owners, entrepreneurs and tech experts.


There are numerous free tools to use on their platform as well as fast shared hosting plans. Another perk is that on Web Hosting Hub, the higher the value of your account, the more CPU and RAM usage you get. The company also offers low introductory prices.



  • Hosting plans are affordable and fast.
  • Good for both beginners and experts.
  • Free website backup and restore tools.
  • Custom web design services for newbies.
  • Excellent customer service



  • No VPS or dedicated plans
  • Phone verification Required
  • Google applications must be seamlessly integrated


4. Ipage

Ipage is a web hosting company that lots of small business owners are attracted to because of their low priced plans fast web hosting service. They are perfect if you are on a budget and would still like fast hosting services. Ipage includes developer tools and other optimization enhancements which make sure that your website is never offline.

Web hosting WebsiteIpage also has a managed WordPress hosting, pre-installed plugins, and free themes for the CMS. Ipage also offers unlimited disk bandwidth and emails. If you are looking at buying affordable hosting and not sacrifice convenience then Ipage is for you.



  • Cheap web hosting; doesn’t put a hole in your pocket
  • Good value for your money
  • Good customer service
  • Supports VPS and dedicated server hosting



  • Slower performance and more downtime on their basic plan
  • Unnecessary Add-ons and additional services

5. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting has one of the fastest hosting services. They are perfect for bloggers, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their platform supports mobile and web applications, VPS and dedicated server hosting. The pricing is also pocket friendly.



  • Fast web services
  • Good for programmers and tech experts
  • VPS and dedicated server hosting services



  • May be a bit confusing for beginners


These are the top 5 Web hosting companies out there. An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a hosting company is to be sure that they have a plan that suits your needs. This helps you avoid overspending on functionalities you don’t need and keeps you from getting disappointed.


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